Sunday, 10 October 2010

New Zealand


Rotorua geothermal activity

Lake Rotorua

Dog exercise area in Wellington

'Centre of New Zealand'
These are a couple of photos from when my boyfriend and I went to New Zealand in March this year. We had no money at this point of backpacking only enough for travel, food and accommodation so we didn't get to do anything that cost money. We had a great time but it was so frustrating explaining to everyone we met that we actually had no money to do anything when they recommended activities.

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  1. I'd love to visit NZ one day! Too bad about being skint at that part of the trip, but it seems like you got to see some great sights anyway.

    I couldn't find your e-mail address anywhere and had written you a reply to your comment so I'll just put it here:

    Sadly, I have been doing sit-ups (and cardio!) for about 3 weeks with pretty much no effect on stomach size! :( I eat quite healthily and don't want to resort to salads and soups. Maybe I just need a celebrity personal trainer! ;)


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