Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Lush Wish List

All images from Lush website

Products from top left:

I decided to have a look at the new Christmas stock that's now in at Lush and it is not disappointing! These are just a few things that I will be asking for this year (along with other non seasonal Lush goods) although I might get impatient and buy them myself. I also have figured out a few presents for my best friend which makes the whole Christmas rush a bit easier. Do you want any of the new Christmas range? 


  1. I adore Lush! That maple taffy lip balm sounds delicious but their lip balms don't do much for me :(

  2. I find they work if i keep using them for a while but yeah i like them more when my lips don't need to be really hydrated.

  3. The gingerbread house and santa are so cute! Definitely going to look in Lush for Xmas pressies for friends this year!


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