Monday, 9 August 2010

Crappy week

So the last week has been a bit stressful. Firstly I now very strongly dislike my job and am currently searching desperately for a new one, major problem is I have no other experience other than retail the one section I am desperate to get out of!

And secondly my gorgeous hamster Elias has been going downhill quickly. About a week and a half ago my boyfriend and I noticed that he was starting to lose his fur, being that he is 2 years 4 months we figured that it was probably due to old age. We then noticed it get worse and last Wednesday when I picked him up out of his cage I noticed he had a big lump in his abdomen so I booked him into the vet Thursday morning. It turns out the fur loss is due to mites and is now pretty substantial with most of his face being fur-less and the lump is a tumour. Pretty shit news really. The vet said that all the time he is happy and running around (which surprisingly he is pretty active even with his new waddle!) there is no need to put him down but he hasn't got long left. I've just been told to spoil him with treats and just generally make his life happy.

Sorry about the somber post but I felt I needed to share.


  1. Gemma, my heart goes out to you. I recently lost my little dwarf hammie. I didn't realise I was so attached to him. A horrible decision to have to make, but when the time is right you'll know. Enjoy the time you have together

    T x

  2. oh know, i'm so sorry to hear about your pretty little hamster! i hope he is okay now? xx


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