Friday, 27 May 2011

Birthday Suit

Dress: St Michael on ebay

This is what I wore for my birthday meal although I had taken my birthday jewellery off at this point but I will post photos of them when I have some daylight. My parents took my boyfriend and I to a Thai restaurant, it was so good but damn hot!

I bought this bed last week as my other one had been repaired and was really rather rubbish it was also pretty low and annoying to get out of. I bought this bedspread with birthday money and I absolutely love it. My mungalow (mini bungalow) is finally coming together and doesn't need too many more things to finish it off, I'm so happy with how it is looking. I got Ideal Home magazine the other day to help me with ideas for it. I might finally get round to posting photos of it soon.

Have you posted photos of your place? I'd love to see them.


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