Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Let it Snow!

I thought I would just do a quick post before we get into December. I have been slacking recently with posting, I'm hoping to change that very soon.
Some potentially big news, I may or may not have found a flat for me and my boyfriend to move into hopefully that is going to be sorted soon. It is starting to look like my life is finally going in the right direction!

Anyway enough of that, it is currently snowing where I am and has been for the last 3 hours and is settling nicely. Snow makes me so happy! I missed out on all the snow last year as I was in Australia, which I'm not complaining about, however I was a bit disappointed as I don't ever remember snow around Christmas. Ah Christmas, one of my favourite times of the year (the other being my birthday!), it's not long until it is here and I haven't done a thing for it except buy the blank cards that I will be decorating. I'm going to try and start some of my shopping tomorrow as I have a day off but I also have to go to London as I'm going to see The Arcade Fire at the O2 well the snow ruined that, we decided that it wasn't a good idea to go.

Are you celebrating any other holidays that are coming up?

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