Monday, 12 July 2010

Some of My Australia Photos

The sunrise over Australia
The Brisbane River
 My Boyfriend and I
Me and a Kangaroo!
A beautiful Aussie sunset.
 Rainbow Beach
Me holding a Carpet Python

These are a few photos from when my boyfriend and I went travelling around Australia. We spent three months on the east coast mainly spending our time in Brisbane with his parents. It is such an amazing country except for all the things that can kill you!


  1. hey, great shots of Brisbane! I've just returned home to Brisbane, after 7 months spent in Italy... It's nice to be back.

    Also, you're so brave with the snake, I've never done anything like that!!

  2. Brisbane is my favourite city, i was so sad to leave it. I loved riding the city cat into the city it was so much fun! I could go on and on about Brisbane it really left a lasting impression on me. We're lucky his parents live there as it meant we got to see lots of things we wouldn't have known about or done if we were only there for a week. As for the snake i figured 'while in rome..' as the saying goes!


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