Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Hurry Hurry!!

I was so excited yesterday when I looked at my emails as I saw that Motel has put up a new section online with one off re-worked vintage pieces in here!

Hopefully the laptop case will still be there when I get paid Friday as it's gorgeous! Also as a bonus when I went onto the website a pop up appeared that when I entered my email address I got a £10 voucher for Motel! This is very handy as I would really like to spend a lot of money there at the moment.

Phew! That is unfortunately sometimes as exciting as my life gets!!

As a side note I wish I was updating this blog more often but I have been so busy at work and all my photos I've taken recently have been with film and have yet to be developed so I can't post them! I will try harder although I can't promise that they will get any more interesting!


  1. aww, i wanted that laptop case too! The leather one? I tried to buy it but it doesn't work.. ah, fate is cruel.


  2. It was the white and blue one but it has gone! Oh well, it's money i didn't really need to spend :]


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